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  1. Family / Divorce
    Family / Divorce Parenting
    For more information on how we can help you with Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage), Legal Separation, Spousal Support/Alimony, Custody Motions or Modifications, Applications for Child Support, Adoptions, Visitation, and other Family Law matters.
  2. Probate / Estate Planning
Wills & Trusts
    Probate / Estate Planning Wills & Trusts
    Need assistance or free information on where we you can complete estate administration online? We offer this as well. We can walk you through which forms you need to DIY (Do It Yourself) or partner with us to complete for you.
  3. Civil & Criminal
    Civil & Criminal
    Are you in need of free information on how you can either file a small claims action, clear your criminal record (expunction / expungement), or even answer a lawsuit or summons? Affinity Support can bridge with you to prepare the documents for you, or help you DIY!
  4. Bankruptcy
    Are you in need of a financial resolution? Is bankruptcy your seeking? Affinity Support can also assist you through your Bankruptcy proceedings, our specialist is highly qualified to handle your bankruptcy matter from the beginning to the end.
  5.  Loan Modification 
& Foreclosure
    Loan Modification & Foreclosure
    Everyone is aware of the foreclosure crisis, as are we! We understand the financial implications this has caused on many homeowners. We have a team of paralegals who are 100% focused on handling your foreclosure matters, filing suit against your lender, delaying or disputing it all together.
  6. Credit Repair
    Credit Repair
    Having issues getting approved for a loan or do you suffer from bad credit? Tired of that one re-aging account? Lets get you cleaned up. We can walk you through the process yourself, or ask us do to all the legwork for you. Affinity Support will exercise your credit muscle. Join our Credit Repair Bootcamp.

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